Dear Men In Tech (Who View Women As Objects, Trophies, Conquests and/or Prizes),

Just because a single, attractive woman is in your general vicinity doesn’t mean she wants to screw you. Really. I pinky swear. They operate with their own thoughts and experiences and a lot of the time, that means they really, really don’t want to sleep with you. You should have matured beyond this fraternity mentality already.

Zero Love Forever –

P.S. Luckily, there are cool guys who are happily married/in relationships/single and have no interest in this ridiculousness. There are just a disgusting amount of men – married or not – who seem to think if you have a vagina, you clearly want them all up in it.

(Edited 5/7/14 for clarity and language. I got a little salty there.)



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    • Oh, I know. I have many good friends who do not act like that. But tech is notoriously misogynistic and I’ve had difficulties with men who do think like that, as have many of my coworkers and female friends. It’s really alarming how many men do think like that – but I promise you. I don’t lump them all into one pot.

      • Indeed I agree maximum percentage is same and even in some situations all men act same or have same thinking but some who know how to behave and act and have control over themselves exist(coz its all about human habits/emotions )

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