Dear Everyone,

This is a thing that worries me – that being overweight or underweight are places that people feel they can comment. That our bodies are areas for discussion, as if they are public property, when in reality, they are the most personal and private thing we will every possess as individuals. And it seems this conversation is often framed as being unhealthy is what is unattractive. That you are unattractive because you are unhealthy. That it is not a strange external pressure that is molding you into a shape, but that everyone feels deeply for your personal well being. It’s an altruistic way to dress up shallow concepts.

Unhealthy and unattractive are not the same thing. You can be unhealthy and someone will still find you attractive. You can be healthy and a person can find you unattractive. Those two things are not corollaries. Applying a one size fits all stereotype to attraction is really one of the dumbest things we can do to each other and ourselves. Some people are attracted to the same gender, a specific ethnicity, a larger than average body type – at the end of the day, I hope that it’s not the body you love, but the person who pilots it. Let the appearance that piques your interest be from the soul casting light on the inside. Beauty exists in this world in every single person – it’s up to each individual to share their own and to see it in others.

So, you know, take a breath, relax and forgive yourself for not being the person you feel like you have to be to be loved. You will be loved. Just be willing to allow others that same grace.

From my heart to yours-


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