Further Reading: Misogyny in Technology

For anyone who is interested in learning more – and possibly wanting to know why I wrote such a heavily vitriolic Dear [Blank] to the men in tech – feel free to read more at any of the following links. You are also welcome to ask me any questions. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart and I feel that awareness is part of what creates change.

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I also have a post in my Let’s Talk About category speaking to general sexism in the workplace. That post in part describes a very common experience for women in technology, but it applies to most workplaces that are dominated by men. Personally, I think part of the behavior is from posturing – so men, who really feel like women are only good for objectifying, get to say whatever they want and feel legitimized and men, who don’t, go with the flow or endorse it so as not to be on the outs.

There’s also a phrase that runs around – brogrammer or brogrammer culture – which is a point of contention with a lot of people. I can speak to it, but despite the sexism I’ve encountered and seen, I’ve only met one real brogrammer, but I sincerely doubt he would have called himself that.

Hope that helps satisfy your curiosity and/or helps broaden your understanding.


Dear Men In Tech (Who View Women As Objects, Trophies, Conquests and/or Prizes),

Just because a single, attractive woman is in your general vicinity doesn’t mean she wants to screw you. Really. I pinky swear. They operate with their own thoughts and experiences and a lot of the time, that means they really, really don’t want to sleep with you. You should have matured beyond this fraternity mentality already.

Zero Love Forever –

P.S. Luckily, there are cool guys who are happily married/in relationships/single and have no interest in this ridiculousness. There are just a disgusting amount of men – married or not – who seem to think if you have a vagina, you clearly want them all up in it.

(Edited 5/7/14 for clarity and language. I got a little salty there.)